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About Us
Jason Witten’s SCOREkeepers program places full-time, trained male mentors on staff at six different family shelters across the state of Texas. These mentors serve as activity leaders for the children staying at these shelters, and demonstrate positive male behavior at a time when these kids likely have only previously associated men with violence. This valuable interaction helps to recondition what these children expect from men. Its goal is to keep young females from tolerating abuse and young males from becoming abusers themselves. The program is active in these shelters:

SafeHaven in Tarrant County, TX
New Beginning Center in Garland, TX
SafePlace in Austin, TX
Friends of the Family in Denton County, TX
Mujeres Unidas in McAllen, TX
The Family Place in Dallas, TX

“Our male mentor plays a very important role to the children who enter our shelter. He helps them with self-realization, improving their selfesteem and building their confidence. He shows them that adults do care and works with them on their safety plan.”
-Cindy Turek, CEO, New Beginnings Center

Growing Across Texas to Support Kids in Need
The SCORE Foundation is proud to announce expansion to a new shelter, providing positive male guidance for more Texas youth. Beginning in summer of 2014, the SCORE Foundation will partner with Mujeres Unidas in McAllen, TX.

“[My child] has never had a male role model that has provided for her needs. He has been able to provide a back pack, books, school supplies, coloring books, and stuffed animals. The most important thing he has given her is his time and attention.”
– Mother on male mentor support at SafePlace

SCOREkeepers’ Impact
Since its founding in 2008, Jason Witten’s SCORE Foundation has partnered with several Texas organizations to provide the friendship and guidance of a positive male role model for more than 6,400 children escaping family violence. Children of both genders benefit from a healthy relationship with a nurturing adult man. The SCOREkeepers serve a variety of roles at shelters, assisting with academics and in counseling. They also teach the children valuable life

Importance of a SCOREkeeper
“The SCOREkeeper position has been instrumental in providing the positive guidance that so many of our young men in the shelter lack. We have seen the impact that Brandon has made on our children within a very short period of time with just his presence alone. Brandon spends an average of 2 hours daily with the young men and assists them with social skills, character-building, and identifying healthy relationships. We have seen an increasing amount of teen boys in the shelter this year and this is the group of boys that are in most need of a male mentor.”
Tia Thomas, Director, SafeHaven

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Jason Witten SCOREkeeper Program
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